We currently have two products, one in solid and one in liquid, that are available in various packaging sizes. Because of its low Glycemic Index, Mestiza Coconut Sugar & Coconut Honey  are ideal sweeteners for low carb, gluten-free recipes. And, since our product is raw, you will be able to maximize your food's enzymatic value!

Our raw, blonde coconut sugar and honey are so can use them for hot and cold recipes and the sweetener will not overwhelm the color of your end product. We've made raw vanilla gelato and strawberry ice cream and the results were fabulous! Try sweetening your lemonade with either our blonde sugar or honey! Add amazing flavor to baked goods like pastries, pies, tarts, cookies, brownies...any application that calls for sugar. You can safely substitute any recipe that calls for sugar at a 1:1 ratio. Mestiza Coconut Sugar & Honey  are truly a superior, healthier sugar alternative.


Tasty sponge cakecustardice cream  applepielemonade

Mestiza  Coconut Sugar    – it’s referred to as the “blonde” because of its lightest color. Fortunately, the lighter color also means it is also the least processed and therefore does not hydrolyze the prebiotic fiber or burn/caramelize the sugar.



Mestiza Coconut Honey – is as close to its natural coconut sap form and therefore also the least processed. It is available in different shades (light to dark) because of our unique and proprietary process of using low temperature to evaporate moisture. We control the process to meet the customers’ specifications.



Raw, Coconut Honey


***NEW PRODUCT: Fermented Coconut Honey *** - to increase the bioavailability of coconut sap's nutrients, we fermented our product before using our unique and proprietary low temperature to evaporate the moisture. The result is a lighter, golden honey-like color, with a slight tang.





Retail Options 


Mestiza Coconut Sugar   

250 g ( 0.55 lbs) pouches  

500 g (1.1 lbs) pouches   




Mestiza  Coconut Honey, Raw   

Mestiza  Fermented  & Raw Coconut Honey  

8 oz glass bottles




Mestiza  Coconut Sugar Gift Sampler 

Our sampler contains 5 sachets (10g each) and one (1) 2 oz. jar of raw coconut honey inside a beautiful gift bag. Please specify your choice of either the regular coconut honey or fermented coconut honey.





Mestiza  Coconut Sugar "On the Go" Sachets (10g) 

Individual 10g Saschets, 250 g  total     

Individual 10 g Sachets, 500 g total    

Our most convenient and versatile option - individual sachets (10g) of the raw, blonde coconut sugar that you can take with you to the office, restaurant, gym, airplane, or just about anywhere! Available in 250g, and our family pack of 500g.




***We offer larger sizes and special volume pricing. Please contact us directly. Thanks***