Our Story

In the Philippines, coconuts (in the form of copra) are one of the country’s top 3 exports, with over 3 million hectares of land planted with different varieties of coconut trees. Copra is dried coconut meat from which coconut oil is derived. Unfortunately, the coconut industry is also the most politicized and exploited. As a result, the coconut farmer is the most impoverished segment of the population. As copra farmers, they live below poverty level, earning PHP 3,600 every 3 months or roughly $28/month.

Ambrose Companies’ Managing Director is Tess A. Young who also has roots in the Philippines. Tess has a passion for health and nutrition issues, having experienced several family members suffer from Type II diabetes. Tess is also concerned about the epidemic of obesity and Type II diabetes and was searching for a natural alternative to sugar. When she discovered the low Glycemic Index nature of coconut sugar and began creating low carb, gluten free desserts and ice cream using coconut sugar, she knew she found the solution!

We believe that our raw, authentic coconut sugar and honey will be part of the solution in addressing the global epidemic of obesity and Type II diabetes. In the United States alone, the CDC estimates 1 in 3 Americans will develop Type II diabetes by the next decade. We believe Mestiza  Coconut Sugar  and Mestiza  Coconut Honey will satisfy the growing need for a natural sweetener that is healthier, versatile, delicious, and helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

Our Logo

Our logo is taken from an oil painting of a young, attractive Filipina of Spanish and Filipino heritage. Her name was Filomena, and she was my grandmother. As a little girl, I remember her stories of when she was a college student at the University of the Philippines during the 1920s, and how a contemporary by the name of Fernando Amorsolo  painted her portrait. We believe the painter beautifully captured her essence and sweetness! Fernando Amorsolo became one of the most important artists of the Philippines in the 20th century. 

Because of her light complexion, my grandmother was often nicknamed "Miss Mestiza". Mestiza is a Spanish word that means "fair" or light in terms of one's complexion. Our blonde coconut sugar and coconut honey reminds me of her fair complexion. Because I wanted to honor my grandmother and also highlight the Filipino heritage of our unique and delicious product, I chose the name Mestiza.