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The twin problem of obesity and diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. Below you will find several maps from the CDC website. In 2010, not one state in America had less than 20% obesity rates as a percentage of its population. Diabetes rates are not that far behind. By 2030, the CDC estimates that 1 in 3 Americans will develop Type II diabetes. Globally, the situation is not any brighter. According to the June 2011 Lancet, diabetes is already affecting 1 in 10 adults and increases one's risk of heart attack, infection, blindness and kidney failure.

There are many reasons for this deadly trend, but saturated fat is NOT the problem, but rather the solution! By controlling one's carbohydrate intake and blood sugar levels by selecting foods that are more nutrient dense, one can reverse illness and be on the path to regerating one's health!

Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease can be reversed! We believe that a low carbohydrate, nutrient dense diet will help reverse disease aging! Because Mestiza  Coconut Sugar & Honey  are raw and low in the Glycemic Index, we believe our natural alternative sweetener can be part of a low carb, nutrient dense to help you and your family regenerate physically. So, you can have your cake and eat it, too!


 Source:   CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation. National Diabetes Surveillance System,

OBESITY TRENDS FROM 1990 to 2010 for US ADULTS (BMI ≥ 30)



 Source:  CDC, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System